10 Common Sense Tips to Boost Landing Page Effectiveness

By | July 18, 2011

93% of B2B Buyers are using search when starting the buying process. Reach more prospects and attain more customers by creating compelling landing pages.

(Email Excerpt from Marketo)

The top 10 most effective best practices include:

  1. Layouts and Templates: Build simple HTML templates that focus on a single call to action, such as a download or demo.
  2. Graphics: Include a logo or a hero shot and make them clickable.
  3. Content: Make it straight and to the point, but give your prospect a reason to give you their information.
  4. Bullet Points: Bullet points are easy to read. Most people who visit your landing page will read the headline, bullet points and a bio, if available.
  5. Call to Action: A form is the best way to go here, but don’t ask for too much information.
  6. White Papers, Registrations, etc: Email the white paper to the prospect. It ensures that you get a valid email address.
  7. Confirmation/Thank You Pages: Do you have something else they might be interested in? Make another offer.
  8. Page URLs: The name of the page is weighed heavily. Use dashes between words not underscores to improve search rankings.
  9. Meta Data: This is still important. Search engines weigh meta data heavily in results lists.
  10. Test, but don’t over-test: Testing removes any debate about what works and what doesn’t.

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