Android QR Code Reader / Scanner Apps

By | October 23, 2011
Here is a list of some FREE apps on Android Market place for your use.
  • Barcode Scanner (Free) – This one scans UPC, QR code and Data Matrix. Works great. [info]
  • ShopSavvy (Free) – This app scans QR codes but also scans UPC codes and finds the best prices near you. I found it to be slow back when I used to use it however it is not bad. [info]
  • ScanLife (Free) – Reads EZ Code, QR code, Data Matrix and UPC codes. ScanLife makes their app for multiple mobile OS. [info]
  • QuickMark (Free) – Same as the iPhone app however on Android and best of all, FREE. Reads Quick Code, QR code, UPC and Data Matrix. [info]
  • QR Pal (Free) – This app saves each of your codes and sorts them for you. Great interface and easy to use. Right now only on Android but plans to release onto other platforms. [ info ]


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