ATG – CIM Clean Start (Development) [UPDATED]

By | December 5, 2013


Your initial experience installing the ATG framework using CIM may go SOUTH and you may consider or want to re-configure it from scratch. How do you achieve this?

[REFER - Resetting CIM to Out-Of-The-Box State (Doc ID 1364863.1) ] – Available @ – you would need oracle support account id in order to access this document. In essence, the article guides us to do the following

To do so, delete the “data” directory in the CIM module. The full path would be something like “C:\ATG\ATG9.0\CIM\data”.

CIM is a module installed automatically by ATG Installation process and is located in <ATGDIR>/CIM folder (e.g. C:\ATG\ATG10.2\CIM). The CIM module comprises of following folders:

  • config – folder contains all the component configuration property files
  • data – folder contains a database used internally by the CIM scripts to store user selections made during the execution of the script
  • lib – folder contains all the necessary CIM jar files
  • log – folder contains the cim.log file
  • plugins – folder contains all the plugin XML files and the supporting information about the products you can configure using CIM
  • tmp – as the name suggest, is a working directory for CIM script’s internal purpose

Following is a screenshot of all the folders contained inside the CIM module folder:


In case you want to do a clean start for your ATG configuration and management using the CIM script, all that you need to do is DELETE the content of the “data” folder under the <ATGDIR>/CIM. And, run the CIM script again from the <ATGDIR>/Home/Bin folder. Below is the expected behavior:




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