ATG Commerce Platform – Introduction

By | September 22, 2013

ATG is an application platform – a framework and a solution – for building content- driven web applications – largely for ecommerce and publishing sites. It is a Java based application platform for hosting web-based applications, as well as RMI accessible business components, with an ORM layer (Repositories), a component container (The Nucleus), an MVC framework, and a set of tag libraries (DSP tags) for JSP.

ATG product suite comes with several components as outlined below:

  • ATG Commerce which includes
    • DAS (Dynamo Application Server),
    • DAF (Dynamo Application Framework),
    • DSS (Dynamo Scenario Server),
    • DPS (Dynamo Personalization Server),
    • DCS (Dynamo Commerce Server),
    • Content Administration,
    • Merchandising and some reference applications
  • ATG Search/Endeca
  • ATG Commerce Service Center
  • ATG Campaign Optimizer
  • ATG Outreach (Not available or deprecated in ATG      Commerce 10.2)
  • ATG Customer Intelligence
  • ATG Multi-site

(To be continued…)