ATG – Promotions Introduction

By | November 24, 2013

Oracle ATG Commerce Promotions can be divided into 3:

  • Item Discount Promotions
  • Order Discount Promotions
  • Shipping Discount Promotions

You can create a coupon or a batch of coupons that grant/apply promotion to a particular user profile

Also, you can create a scenario using the scenario manager that can determine which user qualifies for the promotion, mark the profile with an indicator that a given user profile qualifies for promotion.

Promotions / Discounts can be applier using various marketing gimmicks as outlined below:

  • $$$ amount off – $25 off entire order of over $150
  • Fixed price (special price) – Flat price for a certain product e.g. $9.99 for all customers
  • Free – Buy One Get One Free
  • % off – 10% off entire order

Promotions are defined using the pricing-model definition language a.k.a. PMDL- Describes promotions. This includes the discount rules for when a promotion may apply (the condition), the rules for what may be discounted (the offer), and how to apply the discount (for example, 10% off).

PMDL DTD can be located inside nucleus component /atg/dtds/pmdl & /atg/dtds/pmdt respectively within the C:\ATG\ATG10.2\DCS\lib\classes.jar file. The name of the file is “pmdl_1.0.dtd” & “pmdt_1.0.dtd” respectively for the promotions and promotion templates. You can refer to these files for more details.


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