ATG – Understanding CIM Modes

By | December 5, 2013

The CIM utility/script can be run in two basic modes as below:

  1. CIM in command-line interactive mode
  2. CIM in command-line interactive + RECORD mode
  3. CIM in BATCH mode

#1 – CIM in command-line interactive mode

If this is going to be one time affair and you don’t have any need to save the configuration settings for later use, you can run the CIM in command-line interactive mode without actually recording any of the prompts/values.

#2 – CIM in command-line interactive + RECORD & BATCH mode

If you are responsible for management of the ATG environments or responsible for setting up multiple development machines, then you should look @ option 2 & 3. You can benefit from recording all the settings and values captured at various prompts during ATG configuration using the CIM, save it in the BATCH file and use the same BATCH file later for duplicating the setup on other machines without user-intervention.

To use CIM in batch mode:

1. Start CIM using the –record flag
2. Go through your normal configuration activities and respond to all the prompts as you would normally do
3. Select Batch File Save from the Main Menu when you are done with the configuration
4. Specify a save location for the batch file

CIM records your selections in a batch file with the extension “.cim”.

Once you have the batch file available, you can repeat the procedure with those selections, use the following command when you start CIM:

cim -batch <directory path>/<batch file name>.cim

E.g. – C:\ATG\ATG10.2\home\bin> cim -batch c:\ATG_CIM_Config\CIM_for_repeat_installation.cim




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