ATG Web Commerce Installer – Step 3

By | October 30, 2013

ATG Commerce – Installation Steps [UPDATED] –

You need to follow the guidelines / steps per below in order to install ATG Web Commerce on your development machine. Locate the folder where you have downloaded the ATG Commerce installer executable(s) from

ATG Web Commerce Installation Steps


The platform installer creates a home directory for Oracle ATG Web Commerce applications on your host machine. The default path is C:\ATG\ATG10.1.1. These instructions refer to this directory as . The ATG directory name can vary with the version you are installing. E.g. 10.1.1 or 10.1.2 or 10.2.
The Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform installer is available as a self-extracting Windows executable (ATG10.1.1_99REL.exe) or UNIX binary file (ATG10.1.1_99REL.bin), which you can download from the Oracle Web site (actual version would depend on your download). This distribution file includes the following Oracle ATG Web Commerce products:

• Oracle ATG Web Commerce Platform
• Oracle ATG Web Commerce Consumer Commerce
• Oracle ATG Web Commerce Content Administration
• Oracle ATG Web Commerce Business Commerce
• Oracle ATG Web Commerce Portal

Follow these steps to install the Oracle ATG Web Commerce:

#1 – Run the ATG 10.x installer executable (.EXE or .BIN)
#2 – Accept the licensing agreements
#3 – Where would you like to install the ATG Web Commerce software? Provide the installation path
Choose Install Folder
#4 – Select the products you wish to install – Following are the product choices (ATG Platform, Commerce & Merchandising, ATG Portal, ATG Content Administration, Motoprise, Quincy Funds, and MySQL / Demo Accounts)
Select Products
#5 – Select the application server you want to use for this ATG Web Commerce installation
Select APP Server
#6 – Enter the information needed to install ATG for WebLogic (e.g. Listening Port, Middleware directory, WLS home, WL Domain, and JDK home)

Provide Info
#7 – Pre-Installation complete – the installer is now ready to install the ATG Web Commerce platform
Pre-installation summary
#8 – Continue with the Installation
#9 – Done
#10 – You can now install any additional ATG Commerce packages that you need e.g. CRS, Outreach, CSC etc…