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Oracle ATG – Scenarios & Execution

UNDERSTANDING ATG SCENARIOS AND EXECUTION The ATG Scenario module is primarily an extension or more sophisticated version of its personalization module. The ATG Scenario module enables business users / marketers with advanced targeting features and functionalities that helps them look @ the customer engagement and CRM from long-term perspective. Scenario comprises of user’s interaction with… Read More »


What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a Web page that is created specially to respond to a marketing campaign you are running. The Ad presented to the customer cannot contain all the specifics about the product/services/promotions/specials, except come catchy content that will hint the customer to click on the Ad (Text/banner/video) which in result will launch a specific… Read More »


Webinar: The Factors of Cost-Per-Click Advertising

  Source – PurePPC PPC advertising can be an overwhelming endeavor to jump right into. Without understanding why certain words cost what they do, many people grow frustrated not knowing what to expect from their advertising expenses. Take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising. Learn from our PPC agency specialists what factors determine costs per… Read More »


Shopping Carts & Social Media – Website Magazine

Merchants that bave been slow to adopt social media support and functionality within their shopping carts are now officially late to the game. According to Merchant Circle, 70 percent of local US small-to-medium size business owners are actively using social media marketing to promote their businesses. Couple that with a report from McKinsey Global Institute… Read More »


How to build long-lasting loyalty?

Community – one of the powerful way to create loyalty and retain customers is to bring group of individuals with common interests together and encourage them to participate in encouraging activities. Rewards programs – is a proven strategy that brings long-lasting loyalty of existing customers. Frequent flyers miles, free trips, free or discounted upgrades, and… Read More »