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10 Tips to Improve Landing Pages & More

Have a Single & Clear Objective Optimize the Layout & Design – for Web readability Search Engines Friendliness – should be @ the heart of your design Integrate your Images & Videos strategically Call-2-Action – Must STAND OUT – It should scream naturally for user’s attention Not to mention – ZERO tolerance for Grammar &… Read More »


Tips for Successful Marketing & Campaigning through Autoresponders

Absolutely, there are tons of software applications and technological solutions available with bundle of features & functionality packaged, but the technology itself is just one piece of the solution and doesn’t add much on its own. The content the message sent out by the autoresponder is the key determining factor in conversions. Following tips will… Read More »


What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a Web page that is created specially to respond to a marketing campaign you are running. The Ad presented to the customer cannot contain all the specifics about the product/services/promotions/specials, except come catchy content that will hint the customer to click on the Ad (Text/banner/video) which in result will launch a specific… Read More »