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Endeca MDEX Plugin – for New Relic by Spark::red

It has been few weeks since the launch of new plugin released by Spark::red for the Oracle Endeca MDEX engine on New Relic platform. Here comes the excitement – I’ve already tried and used Splunk APP “Oracle Endeca Guided Search”, hence was wondering what would it be like to see MDEX performance/numbers on New Relic… Read More »


Free Course Offerings From KPIU

Free Course Offerings From KPIU 110: Data Warehousing Fundamentals This self-paced training course presents a holistic view of data warehousing components, concepts, and definitions. From a systems-thinking perspective, you’ll see a framework that describes the building blocks and their interactions to generate real and measurable business value. The framework positions architecture as an essential foundation… Read More »


Free Data Science V2 eBook [DOWNLOAD] – Big Data & Beyond

The electronic textbook is available in an interactive version for the iPad at the iTunes bookstore. Apple has recategorized the book from the “textbook” category to the “book” category in order to make it available internationally: You can also download the non-interactive, PDF version of the book here (caution, 22 MB download):DataScienceBookV2.pdf This book… Read More »