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Oracle ATG – Scenarios & Execution

UNDERSTANDING ATG SCENARIOS AND EXECUTION The ATG Scenario module is primarily an extension or more sophisticated version of its personalization module. The ATG Scenario module enables business users / marketers with advanced targeting features and functionalities that helps them look @ the customer engagement and CRM from long-term perspective. Scenario comprises of user’s interaction with… Read More »


ATG Repository Caching – Article Series

For all ATG enthusiasts, here is a 5 part article on ATG Repository Distributed Caches: ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 1  ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 2 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 3 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 4 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 5 Additional links ATG: Performance Using Cache ATG Cache Flushing  … Read More »


Microsoft Remote Desktop Client – Very Impressive

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client is very impressive product. I would say one of the best. A class in itself. Installed it on my iPad 2 and was able to use the Windows 8.1 laptop without a glitch. This step forward and towards potentially saving their existing users from switching to competitive products in the… Read More »