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Facebook – Ad Exchange (Ads)

Lot of inappropriate / Socially unfriendly Ads have started appearing from the FBX lately… I believe facebook need to address this before it goes out of hands. How do we control what kind of ADs we want to even view…? Is that the price of using a free software… absolutely no control whatsoever…??? No concept… Read More »


Customer Experience – Recommended Readings

Looking for good reads on user or customer experience books – where will you go to find them? Most of us would start with Won’t we? Here are some facts from the search results on Amazon…. Try searching the keywords “user experience in books” or “customer experience in books”… To your surprise it comes… Read More »


Get a Free Marketing Evaluation – More Leads – More Customers – Find Out How

HubSpot’s software helps marketers take advantage of the changing nature of how people research and shop for products/services – bringing together a suite of Internet marketing tools for the small or medium sized business, including tools for search engine optimization, business blogging, content publishing, lead intelligence and management, marketing automation, marketing analytics, and competitor analysis.… Read More »


Receive a Free Marketing Assessment From HubSpot

Receive a Free Marketing Assessment From HubSpot! Try HubSpot’s Marketing Software with a Free 30-Day Trial Optimize your website to get found by more prospects and convert more of them into leads and paying customers with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software.   Your free trial of HubSpot gives you the tools you need to: Get found online by more qualified visitors. Convert… Read More »