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Oracle Commerce V11 – SSO Implementation

After some digging finally was able to implement Oracle Commerce SSO across BCC and Experience Manager in the new Oracle Commerce V11. Will be publishing all the steps involved right from CIM, SSO Server instance configuration, Workbench configuration in CIM, changes, workbench XML changes etc… Check the Business Control Center menu inside Workbench… and… Read More »


Oracle Commerce V11 – Now Available on eDelivery

As mentioned in my previous post you should look out the new Oracle Commerce V11 on Looks like currently, the Oracle Commerce (11.0.0) is available under both ATG Commerce & Oracle Endeca media packs, with exact same # of media pack items. So, there is no new Category for Oracle Commerce, which might eventually… Read More »


Oracle Commerce V11 – Some high-level changes

ORACLE COMMERCE V11 – What’s in it for you? Below are some of the feature enhancements for both Business & Technical communities. Where can I find ORACLE COMMERCE in eDelivery ? You should look out for a new product called “Oracle Commerce” in eDelivery – should be available in couple of weeks for downloads. Updated… Read More »


Oracle ATG Social Integration – Gigya Module for ATG

Gigya provides an ATG Module that handles the integration with the core Oracle ATG engine. Visual aspects, including JSP, site navigation, and method of implementation are dependent on customer implementation of the website. In order to install and integrate the Gigya ATG Module you need to: Download the Gigya ATG Module @ Gigya-OE ATG Create… Read More »


Endeca -Useful Links/Sites [UPDATED]

What is Endeca MDEX engine? Learn about Endeca MDEX ENGINE Modifying the FCM pipeline The Path to Discovery Oracle Endeca for Mobile Application Development Endeca at NSCU Library Twitter and Endeca Information Discovery Endeca Guru Blog Site Asset Modeling Using Endeca Endeca Presentation on Slideshare Endeca Information Discovery [Youtube] The Endeca Difference – Part 2… Read More »


Oracle ATG – Scenarios & Execution

UNDERSTANDING ATG SCENARIOS AND EXECUTION The ATG Scenario module is primarily an extension or more sophisticated version of its personalization module. The ATG Scenario module enables business users / marketers with advanced targeting features and functionalities that helps them look @ the customer engagement and CRM from long-term perspective. Scenario comprises of user’s interaction with… Read More »


ATG Repository Caching – Article Series

For all ATG enthusiasts, here is a 5 part article on ATG Repository Distributed Caches: ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 1  ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 2 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 3 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 4 ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 5 Additional links ATG: Performance Using Cache ATG Cache Flushing  … Read More »