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Get a Free Marketing Evaluation – More Leads – More Customers – Find Out How

HubSpot’s software helps marketers take advantage of the changing nature of how people research and shop for products/services – bringing together a suite of Internet marketing tools for the small or medium sized business, including tools for search engine optimization, business blogging, content publishing, lead intelligence and management, marketing automation, marketing analytics, and competitor analysis.… Read More »


PR – Setting Your Publicity Objectives

Are you starting a new business and looking for your 1st few customers? Are you introducing new product or service? Does your company, product or service need to be better known? Are you moving to a new location and need to inform your audience? Is your company about to celebrate an important anniversary or milestone?… Read More »


Cell Phone Carriers & Pricing Structure / Flexibility

Readers – try to answer these questions and see if you fall into one of the below categories, which I believe most or all of us will. Are you able to use all or close to all the allocated cell phone minutes under your current plan? Do you use only 50% of your minutes which… Read More »


Booqoos Launches Online Deal Marketplace

A new company of interest launched in the competitive daily deals space last week. Called Booqoos, the Austin, Texas-based startup aims to offer a better way for merchants and consumers to manage online deals. For merchants, Booqoos claims to provide a powerful platform with complete control and self-management of deals to suit individual business goals,… Read More »


Using Direct Mail – PR Series

When you want someone to get a message, sometimes the simplest thing to do is send a letter. Millions of direct mail pieces fill mail boxes across the  country every single day – just for that reason of simplicity. I’m sure we all share the same pain and grumble “junk mail” and are tired tearing… Read More »


PR – How Do You Reach The Media?

Once you have an interesting story for the targeted audience, the next step is learning how to approach the media.There are few basic ways to getting your story to the media:1. Advisory2. News ReleaseAdvisory – One-page advisory is the best way to tell the local media about an upcoming event, such as news conference, reception,… Read More »


Creating an Image with PR

I’m sure you must have heard about families spending their Saturday afternoons on advertised locations, that’s because the commercial after commercial drummed into their heads about the features, pricing, discounts, and other goodies they will get as a part of the deal/bundle. The key here, of course, is to define what is the exact image… Read More »


How To Write A Press Release? –

How to Write a Press Release? So, how to write a press release? That’s a million dollar question. If done right, it can indeed bring you a million dollars in revenue. Let’s get started by answering what a press release is. “A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media… Read More »


Public Relations Costs Less Than Advertising

Public relations – especially DIY projects – offers many possible tools for inventors and entrepreneurs. Examples could be:1. Get attention in daily news paper 2. Get on national stage by sending a news release about the product to national magazines3. Speaking engagements 4. Write feature story in local news papers5. Explore direct-mail campaignAnd many more…..… Read More »