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Endeca Configuration – What can a SPACE do to your deployment?

Early this week we ran into issues where couple of our Endeca applications were giving PAGE not found… and upon looking @ the logs after a bit of struggle – we identified that when we copied and pasted the value for defaultSiteRootPath=/pages  – there was a TRAILING space after pages – which was the primary culprit for throwing the… Read More »


Endeca MDEX Plugin – for New Relic by Spark::red

It has been few weeks since the launch of new plugin released by Spark::red for the Oracle Endeca MDEX engine on New Relic platform. Here comes the excitement – I’ve already tried and used Splunk APP “Oracle Endeca Guided Search”, hence was wondering what would it be like to see MDEX performance/numbers on New Relic… Read More »


Endeca -Useful Links/Sites [UPDATED]

What is Endeca MDEX engine? Learn about Endeca MDEX ENGINE Modifying the FCM pipeline The Path to Discovery Oracle Endeca for Mobile Application Development Endeca at NSCU Library Twitter and Endeca Information Discovery Endeca Guru Blog Site Asset Modeling Using Endeca Endeca Presentation on Slideshare Endeca Information Discovery [Youtube] The Endeca Difference – Part 2… Read More »


Oracle Endeca Guided Search – Components MindMap

Here is a basic structure of Endeca Components that you need to install for the Endeca Guided Search on a development environment. Will publish a separate post on the steps involved in installing, configuring, and bringing-up the Guided Search environment on your local machine. The mindmap covers Core packages (1,2,3,4), Optional packages (5,6,7), and additional… Read More »