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Blogs to Visit and questions to ask yourself…

1. Boing boing 2. Social media today 3. Maskable 4. Community guys Maybe you can ask yourself some questions: a. What is the central theme of these websites? b. Who would take interest in reading these on daily basis and why? c. Would you be able to contribute to these concversations?… Read More »


Online Engagement and the Small Biz Success Correlation

SiteKreator released its Small Business Usage Study today which revealed that there is a direct correlation between small business success and the level of their online engagement. While it does not take much mental processing power to figure out that you must work to achieve success, it is interesting to see (again) how much participation… Read More »


What do you think about Mobile Commerce?

Check out these links if you want to know where are we headed. Mobile Commerce Daily eCommerce Mobile Trends Mashable – 2010 Mobile Commerce Trends mCommerce Trends by Cart2Mobile Mobile Commerce Grows in 2010 Going into 2011 Top 10 SMB Technology Market Predictions from MobileCommercetrends Mobile Commerce Growth Prospects by 2015