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Oracle Commerce Using ATG & Endeca – FREE iBook & PDF

After 2 years of marathon run I was able to complete the self-published book on Oracle Commerce (ATG & Endeca)  which covers both the commerce product installation, configuration, concepts, architecture, and some of the open source tools that you can use such as Vagrant, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Splunk. This book is absolutely free as… Read More »


Oracle Commerce 11.1 – New Training Released

Oracle have recently released 50+ new online training titles. Also, they have released the new training package for Oracle Commerce 11.1. Currently, the training is designed to cater 3 key areas: Business Users Developers Administrators I believe there is a strong community sentiment and requirement for having one more area to be added here and… Read More »


Endeca – Monitoring the Log Server

How do you check the health or status of the Endeca Log Server? You can check if the log server is running or not by issuing the following URL syntax: http://LogServerNameorIP:LogServerPortNumber/stats Based on above syntax and the host name / port information provided while deploying the application – LogServerNameorIP is localhost (below) and the LogServerPortNumber… Read More »