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eCommerce Platform – From Business Perspective

When considering built-to-custom eCommerce platforms v/s the product built in-house over time – business, marketing, executive management, IT and other stakeholders have specific objectives to accomplish. In this article, we will look @ high-level, what an eCommerce platform means and should provide to business users. Digital/Offline Product Catalog Management Promotions, Coupons, and Campaign Management Content… Read More »


Oracle Endeca Guided Search – Components MindMap

Here is a basic structure of Endeca Components that you need to install for the Endeca Guided Search on a development environment. Will publish a separate post on the steps involved in installing, configuring, and bringing-up the Guided Search environment on your local machine. The mindmap covers Core packages (1,2,3,4), Optional packages (5,6,7), and additional… Read More »


SiteCore – Website and email marketing channels: valuable alone, better working together

  Source – SiteCore – Web Content Management & Marketing Solutions Connected Marketing in the Real World: How Web-Email Integration Catalyzes Conversion Your customers demand relevance across marketing channels. Provide them with event-driven, behavior-based email to create a fluid, relevant conversation that translates into conversions. Why is website-email integration and Connected Marketing becoming so essential?… Read More »