Disrupting WorkFlow – Impacting User Experience

By | March 12, 2012

How many times it happens so, that you are thinking about something (maybe your next task or what you want to do next, a new idea), suddenly you get distracted by a telephone call, or someone in your office or by another disruptive activity. On trying to resume, post-disruption – you find it so frustrating especially when the mere thought of not able to recall the last thought you had.

Similar experience is observed by online customers/visitors. We throw lot of contents to the users (text, media, overlays, TOS, Agreements), which deviates the user from what they are currently performing and then they find it hard to resume.

The problem is not focusing on the task they were performing, the problem is with re-focus after the disruptive action concludes. Alteast on the web we have an option to design the workflow for the user experience / design in a way that doesnt impact users productivity and helps re-focusing.

There is an opportunity on the web to design the user experience that can help users re-focus on the task once the disrutive action concludes. You users will really appreciate that. Eliminate the points that cause frustration from the online user experience and reap the benefits of conversions/sales.


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