Elements of Social Media

By | July 19, 2011

Robert Scoble, a noted blogger and technology evangelist, originally introduced a model that resembles star fish and coined it as the Starfish model of social media.

In this model, he outlined below channels as key to conversions and ultimately sales:

A. Blogs
B. Micro-blogs
C. Podcasting (audio and video)
D. SMS – I believe the rest of world uses it much more efficiently for all sorts of communication and marketing
E. Photo sharing e.g. Flickr
F. Video sharing e.g. YouTube
G. Personal social networks
H. Events
I. White label social networks
J. Wikis
K. Collaborative tools
L. Email
M. Last but not least, web PR

Collaborative tools includes:

A. Broadcast (television and radio)
B. Print
C. Integrated marketing
D. Online media
E. Social media
F. Direct mail


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