Endeca Configuration – What can a SPACE do to your deployment?

By | December 22, 2014

Early this week we ran into issues where couple of our Endeca applications were giving PAGE not found… and upon looking @ the logs after a bit of struggle – we identified that when we copied and pasted the value for defaultSiteRootPath=/pages  – there was a TRAILING space after pages – which was the primary culprit for throwing the ERROR “NO NODE FOUND [/pages ]”

 If the logs didn’t have [/pages ] (with a trailing blank) – we would probably not have figured it out…

But, the point here is lesson learnt – whenever we copy paste values from PDF, CHAT application, etc… (external tools) into properties files or CODE – we need to be careful with what it can bring (extra line feed, carriage returns, invisible characters)…

Another input for probably the product development team @ Oracle is – why doesn’t the application eliminate all trailing spaces from the properties file automatically – that could have definitely saved us from running into this issue.

After removing the SPACE and bouncing WLS managed servers – the app started working.

MORE LATER… Enjoy reading.


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