Endeca MDEX Plugin – for New Relic by Spark::red

By | October 10, 2014

It has been few weeks since the launch of new plugin released by Spark::red for the Oracle Endeca MDEX engine on New Relic platform.

Here comes the excitement – I’ve already tried and used Splunk APP “Oracle Endeca Guided Search”, hence was wondering what would it be like to see MDEX performance/numbers on New Relic platform.

In order to install the Endeca MDEX Plugin for New Relic – I had to do some reading and research, create an account on New Relic site, Install the plugin on one of my CENTOS boxes (local) and start the journey of trial & error.

Luckily, it was a painless process – since the guide / instructions released by Spark::red are easy to follow (though I made some mistakes initially, but figured it out later).

Here is the link to Spark::red installation instructions

For this test drive, I’ve plugged in the out-of-the-box DISCOVER application running on my CENTOS platform.

Once the plugin was installed and configured – below is what it looked like in New Relic portal.

Click here for HQ Image # 1

Click here for HQ Image # 2


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