Endeca – Promoting Content from Staging to Production

By | May 30, 2014

Working with any new product has its own challenges, especially when there are lot of details that are probably not covered in any training and of course you don’t make much out of the documentation clearly.

So, was the scenario for me to plan on exactly what and how of moving the content from Staging to Production environment.

Saying that, I decided to read the Commerce Admin Guide which is available under the Endeca Common Documentation to figure out exactly how things can be done (in the right manner and geared to achieve the expected results in the defined timeframe).

Well, it was really not sufficient to read only one guide, since that guide will eventually point to read some content from Deployment Template Guide or Workbench Users Guide etc…

Another typical challenge was how much can you read, understand, and retain for future use – especially when you are facing the situation in the real world.

So, finally – I went back to drawing board (MindJet on my iPad) – and decided to draw a MindMap about every little detail in its logical sequence – for the scenario “Promoting Workbench Application Configuration & the Search Configuration).

Click here to look @ the mind map.




This article + Mind map serves as a kick starter for anyone who is interested in the mechanics around the subject. Also, I’m planning to put together a presentation that will contain all the logical steps, mechanics, and relevant screenshots of the actual content promotion.

More next time, until then enjoy the Mind map, and expect a series of presentations on content, config, and data promotion from Staging to Production environment.

Note: Endeca documentation is one of the best considering the size of the product & its features/services that can configured. One of the key areas of improvement is to provide SAMPLE code with clear outline on the what and how of the scripts/configuration files etc..


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