IMG4Me – What can it do for you?

By | August 25, 2011

IMG4Me – Want to display your email address on your contact page without getting a ton of spam?  You could do something like “myname [at]” which is pretty common, but not as cool as what IMG4Me lets you do.  With this txt to img service, you can put your email address in the text box, choose your parameters, like text color, font, and font size, and the app will generate an image of your text.  And they’ll even host the resulting image for you.  Cost: Free

Almost all of the messages you posted on Internet are unsecure and accessible by everyone around the world. Search engines, robots, crawlers are collecting these information daily and indexed in their database. They make all your private information such as e-mail address, phone number, personal information searchable by the world.

This information provides a good oppotunity for spammers or scammers to make you their victim. One easiest way to prevent these, is converting your information into images before publish on Internet. IMG4Me is build on this purpose to convert text into .gif, .jpg and .png images to protect your online privacy!


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