Importance of – Creating a publishing schedule

By | September 24, 2011

Whether you are a blog publisher, publish newsletters, or email contents (also, applicable to all sort of contents published), you need to seriously consider releasing a publishing schedule a.k.a. “editorial calendar”.

Simply put, editorial calendar is critical for a Content Food Chain, since it gives your content a great scale of discipline, consistency, and make it easier to manage the content.

Have you ever heard about the publishing schedule called “1-7-30-4-2-1”, published by Russel Sparkman of Fusionspark Media.

1 = Daily

7 = Weekly

30 = Monthly

4 = Quarterly

2 = Bi-annual

1 = Annual

You can decide to use a mix and match of above schedule based on the frequency and the nature of your content. Also, each schedule is ideal for specific type of content and must be used appropriately. Simple example, tweeting could be more frequent, which can have a frequency of hour-daily-weekly… Whereas, writing a blog post could be daily-weekly-bi-weekly or monthly. Releasing company quarterly earnings newsletters addressing the stock holders will follow a quarterly schedule. Whereas, Generating a report about how month-over-month performance comparing the performance of current month with the same period last year would be monthly.

I hope, you have got an idea about how to categorize the content to fit in the schedule listed above.

We will publish more details about different types of contents that fit this schedule in upcoming days.


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