Learn the Search Engine Ranking Criteria (On-page & Off-page)

By | August 3, 2011

Here are the most important areas on a Web page that you must address when performing organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  1. Title tags (page titles)
  2. Keyword meta-tags
  3. Description meta-tags
  4. Alt tags for Images
  5. Hypertext Links (e.g. anchor text)
  6. Domain name, File names, Path (directory/folder structures/names)
  7. Body text (beginning, middle, and end of page copy)
  8. Headers (H1, H2 tags and its controlled usage)
  9. Between the  “NOFRAMES: tag of framed Websites
  10. Stay away from Javascript dynamic menus
  11. Use your Website footer to your SEO advantage
  12. Use you Website header menu to your SEO advantage
  13. Make use of country specific location/domain of your server
  14. Submit your website in regional SEARCH engines and local directories
  15. Submit your website to internet directories such as DMOZ, Google & Yahoo
  16. Generate as many back-links as possible
  17. Add local addresses to landing pages
  18. Construct and Offer (Sitemap.xml) to visitors
  19. Implement Robots.txt
  20. Avoid duplicate content – do not copy content from other sites
  21. Stay away from Black hat SEO tactics
  22. Learn to balance between TEXT v/s Hyperlinks on each page…
  23. Lot of links can drive the traffic away to other sites
  24. SEO is an on-going activity to stay on the top in search engine results page
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