Multi-Channel/Omni Personalization Questionnaire

By | October 10, 2014

In this article we are going to look @ series of questions broadly categorized into strategy, implementation, and operations – that can help you understand your organization’s position with respect to personalized customer experience.


  • Is personalization something that is considered important within your organization?
  • Does it have Organizational Leadership commitment?
  • Within your organization, how does personalization affect the ‘customer experience’? Are they related or exclusive of one another?
  • Is personalization viewed as a ‘feature to be implemented in phase X of a given project/program’ or is it considered to be ‘a core philosophy that should be engrained deep within many aspects of customer engagement’?
  • Does your organization have a personalization strategy?
  • Does your organization have a personalization roadmap?
  • Who or which group/dept in the organization is responsible for the personalization strategy?
  • Does the personalization strategy only consider the web or is it equally important across channels (e.g. call center, voice portal, self-service – web/mobile/tablets/kiosks/gaming consoles)?
  • If so, what other channels are involved and in what capacity? For example, is the call center involved? Is there a bi-directional contribution of data or is it one-way?
  • Is the data being captured in centralized sources e.g. data warehouses and fed back into the decision making systems
  • What personalization initiatives have been or are currently implemented?
  • Do you have personalization efforts in play within some of the teams/groups (silo)?
  • If yes, how are these silo’s sharing the data?
  • Do you have real-time touchpoint communication across channels?
  • Personalization initiatives can be defined as well-defined personalization functionality that has been implemented on the site or email campaigns or mailers or call center (i.e. a personalized email campaign or a personalized web campaign).
  • What types of personalization initiatives are you considering for future implementations and how have you determined that they are relevant and will have an impact?
  • What kind of presence does your organization have in social media?
  • Is Social Media a part of your personalization strategy?
  • Have you seen success with any of your initiatives? You might want to outline the type of success – how to you measure it
  • Please describe your best customer (the customer that you aspire to attract, the customer that you aspire to retain).
  • Do you have a loyalty or rewards program? If so, how does this affect your personalization strategy?
  • Do you have gamification playing role in your loyalty program?
  • What tools have you evaluated or considered for modeling and gamification?
  • Do you have programs with the objective of “Mobile First” and/or “Cloud First”?
  • Are those programs tied to personalization programs?


  • Have you engaged any outside agency for your personalization initiatives?
  • Are you focusing on B2C or B2B or both (based on applicability)
  • Is the personalization initiative completely controlled @ home?
  • Are you using any Commerce personalization functionality?
  • What segments (if any) are defined and how did you determine that they are relevant to your site / business?
  • What data within your organization is not currently integrated with your Commerce solution but may prove useful with respect to personalization? Examples could include service history, offline channel purchase history, mobile engagement etc.
  • Do you believe geographic data about visitors to be important? How have you utilized geographic data to personalize the user experience across all touch points with the brand?
  • Do you track user behavior while on the site? Please describe.
  • Do you identify from where the user originated and does it matter? For example, we track that the user came from Google and they searched for the term “XYZ” to get to our site – and then navigated nn pages before actually completing the order.
  • Do you have strategy to contact customers who don’t complete orders on your site?
  • Please describe how content is managed on your site. Do you plan to use any off-the-shelf commerce solutions?
  • Please describe how the content is structured (intended to be open-ended). Hint: is there anything interesting or unique about your content / catalog? Is it volume based? or is it low volume but complex in nature?
  • Are you using any modeling features/tools to further enhance the personalized behavior and experience for your customers?


  • Who in the organization is responsible for the operational aspects of personalization? 
  • What tools are used to manage personalization on the site? 
  • Do you have tools that can help you monitor customer touchpoints and interactions?
  • Do you currently use AB Testing to test the effectiveness of content, initiatives, etc? If so, what AB Testing tools are you using for this?
  • What tools / solutions do you use to measure the effectiveness of personalization initiatives?
  • What are the KPIs that you track?

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