Oracle ATG Social Integration – Janrain | ATG Extension

By | January 8, 2014


Janrain provides a Saas (Software-as-a-Service) solution through a ready-made plug-in for ATG commerce/storefront integration that brings full capabilities to board such as social login, social sharing, and hosted integration for cross-platform strategy.

As an ATG customer, you can utilize social login as a source of verified social profile data, received during login which can be used to pre-fill registration with core user information like email and shipping address, while providing a better experience for shoppers.

Following are some of the features of Janrain plug-in for ATG:

  1. Social Login
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Hosted Registration and Profile Management
  4. Customer Profile Data Sync
  5. Analytics

Download the Janrain eCommerce extension for ATG datasheet here…


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