Oracle Commerce V11 – Adding BCC Menu Item to Experience Manager

By | February 23, 2014

In the previous post, we looked @ how to enable Oracle Commerce SSO from BCC to Workbench, which facilitated us to launch the Workbench from the BCC menu item.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of adding the BCC (Business Control Center) menu item within the Endeca Workbench.

You will need to make changes to 2 files under C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks_1\11.0.0\server\workspace\conf folder:

  1. ws-mainmenu.xml
  2. ws-extensions.xml

Below are the lines of code you need to add/change to respective files:


<mainmenu xmlns:xsi=””

~ For more information on configuring the Workbench menu, see
~ the Oracle Commerce Workbench Administrator’s Guide.
<menuitem id=”xmgr”/>
<menuitem id=”bcc-home”/>
<menunode id=”user-access”>
<menuitem id=”user-management”/>
                   <menuitem id=”bcc-access-control”/>
<menuitem id=”eac-admin-console”/>
<menuitem id=”eac-settings”/>
<menunode id=”reports”>
<menuitem id=””/>
<menuitem id=”reports.daily”/>
<menuitem id=”reports.weekly”/>
<menunode id=”search”>
<menuitem id=”redirects”/>
<menuitem id=”thesaurus”/>
<menuitem id=”phrases” />
<menuitem id=”relrank” />
<menunode id=”settings”>
<menuitem id=”user-segments”/>
<menuitem id=”preview-settings”/>
<menuitem id=”report-settings”/>
<menuitem id=”locks”/>


<extensions xmlns:xsi=””
~ The following extension is provided as an example. For more information,
~ see the Oracle Commerce Workbench Administrator’s Guide.
~ The defaultName, defaultDescription, and defaultIcon values are only used
~ if equivalent attributes are not specified in the resource property files
~ in the conf/locales folder. For example, if you do not specify an
~ extension name for French locales in those resource property files,
~ then the defaultName value is used.

<extension id=”testExtension”
defaultName=”Test Extension”
defaultDescription=”Demonstrates extensions with tokens.”
<extension id=”bcc-home” defaultName=”BCC” defaultDescription =”BCC”

<extension id=”bcc-access-control”
defaultName=”BCC Access Control”
defaultDescription=”BCC Access Control”


NOTE – Access the Endeca Administrator’s Guide to get additional details or step-by-step instructions at this link 

Look for the topic “Integrating Workbench with the Business Control Center ” in the above link (PDF).

BCC Launch Link from Experience Manager / Workbench

BCC Launch Link from Experience Manager / Workbench


2 thoughts on “Oracle Commerce V11 – Adding BCC Menu Item to Experience Manager

  1. Vladimir

    Which benefits consist this trick? Is it possible to do it in atg 10.2?

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  2. admin Post author

    Hello Vladimir – I believe you can add custom menu items to Workbench (even in 10.2) – the only thing that you can achieve is launching the BCC URL from the workbench… though it wont be single sign-on… but yes you should be able to launch custom URLs from Workbench.

    E.g. below

    This example of a ws-extensions.xml file defines a simple extension that enables a link to the
    Endeca Web site.
    < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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