Oracle Commerce V11 – Enabling SSO IN WEBSTUDIO.PROPERTIES

By | February 21, 2014

Once you have setup and configured your ATG server instances using the CIM tool, you are ready to enable SSO to automatically sign-in the user from BCC to Workbench (bypassing the login/password prompt).

By default below entries can be found in the file found in the C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks_1\11.0.0\server\workspace\conf folder.

NOTE – Access the Endeca Administrator’s Guide to get additional details or step-by-step instructions at this link 


The default endeca v11 installation sets the com.endeca.webstudio.useSSO = false and rest of the properties are commented without any value for host and port.

# Commerce SSO Authentication
#com.endeca.webstudio.sso.loginURL=http://<SSO HOST:PORT>/sso/login
#com.endeca.webstudio.sso.controlURL=http://<SSO HOST:PORT>/sso/control
#com.endeca.webstudio.sso.logoutURL=http://<SSO HOST:PORT>/sso/logout
#com.endeca.webstudio.sso.validationURL=http://<SSO HOST:PORT>/sso/validate
#com.endeca.webstudio.sso.keepAliveURL=http://<SSO HOST:PORT>/sso/keepAlive


After you are done with the installation and configuration of ATG SSO server instance, you would know the port @ which the SSO server is available. In my case, it is available on http://localhost:7303 (per below).

You need to make 2 changes

  1. set the value for com.endeca.webstudio.useSSO=true
  2. assign the host & port values for each of the URLs

# Commerce SSO Authentication

After integrating Workbench with Commerce SSO, you must match your set of Workbench user profiles to those in the ATG internal profile repository. You can do so by selecting the new “Commerce” setting under the Source options in the Create User dialog.

The Commerce SSO server uses the ATG internal profile repository on the publishing server as the system of record for user information. It does not automatically publish changes to Workbench user profiles.

To enable SSO functionality you must maintain a set of Commerce type Workbench users parallel to those in the ATG internal profile repository. Each ATG user profile must have a corresponding Workbench user with the same name.

Experience Manager Link in BCC

Experience Manager Link in BCC


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