Oracle/ATG Commerce Training – Your Options

By | May 22, 2013

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Training will:

  • Show you how this solution delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience.
  • Help you engage with customers at the point of interaction.
  • Demonstrate how this application targets the right visitors at the right time, with the right message.

Your Options


ATG Business User

The ATG Business User Platform helps you create a highly targeted web experience. And when used in conjunction with Oracle ATG Business User Training, this application will help you implement web campaigns more efficiently.

ATG Developer

Oracle ATG Developer allows businesses to install and configure data logging and loading into the Data Warehouse. With Oracle ATG Developer Training, develop a deep understanding of how this solution works.

ATG System Administrator

Oracle ATG System Administrator allows users to manage profiles, organizations and roles. With Oracle ATG System Administrator Training, learn how to customize the Control Center interface to meet your specific business needs.

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