Personas For The Web

By | January 4, 2012

Research has revealed clearly that a lot of people share the same goals, behaviors, attributes, and attitudes towards e.g. Online shopping.

A Persona is a realistic character sketch that represents one particular segment of a Web sites targeted audience. As Steve Mulder says each persona is an archetype serving as a surrogate for an entire group of real people.

Remember that each persona represents real users that you care about. Hence, the personas attributes and descriptions must be accurate and complete in order to make the persona credible.

Also, collection or set of personas should cover entire customer-base. Personas should be defined based on the goals that the user have in mind when they visit the web site.

How does Personals help?

  • Personas bring focus – by targeting a segment of customers. Serving a specific segment of audience extremely well is considerd much smarter than partially serving the full set.
  • Personals help you define exactly for whom you’re creating the site. Creating the persona for a segment of users will force you to spend time researching & thinking about which type of users are critical to your business. It will help you understand the which segment has what needs, their attributes, attitudes towards online shopping, and whole 9 yard.
  • You cannot be your user. You cannot assume what would your users like or dislike. Personas will help you be in your users’ shoes.
  • Personas bring focus & encourage concensus. Helps the team stay focused and brings the team together towards shared vision about exactly for whom you are designing the site for.
  • Personas help make efficient decisions for your users and especially early in the process.

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