Preparing for the ATG Installation & Configuration [UPDATED]

By | October 12, 2013

[Updated post – Added point # 9, 10 and 11] – Eclipse IDE, ATG Plug-in for Eclipse & ATG Log Colorizer

We will kick-start our journey by putting together a check-list of the resources we need in order to perform the ATG Commerce installation & configuration on a developer machine.

  1. Access to eDelivery (
  2. Identify the right ATG platform installer executable
  3. Download the ATG platform installer executable
  4. Download any additional ATG components e.g. Customer Service Center, Customer Intelligence, etc…
  5. Download the JDK (
  6. Download the WebLogic server (
  7. Download Oracle Express Edition or You may want to just use MySQL that comes out-of-the-box (
  8. Download SQL Developer tool from Oracle (
  9. Eclipse IDE (We will cover the Eclipse IDE for ATG in a separate post – detailed)
  10. ATG Plug-in for Eclipse (We will cover it in a separate post – detailed)
  11. ATG Log Colorizer – Click here to read about it

Note: If you are unable to access the direct URLs from above, you will be able to download the latest from Oracle’s website, except ATG Platform Installer which is available only via the eDelivery website.

You can look at these tools for their utility based on the kind of role they play in the entire process. E.g. ATG Platform installer, JDK, WLS, Database engine are absolutely necessary to bring the platform up and running. Whereas, the tools such as SQL Developer or Eclipse are useful in the development process (coding, debugging, compiling, building, executing, pushing the code from one environment to another etc…)

Accessing eDelivery

In order to download the ATG platform installer you need to access the Oracle eDelivery site ( by signing into your Oracle account. You can create a new account or sign-into an existing account to gain access to the eDelivery site as below:

Oracle Sign-in









Accept the Oracle account terms & restrictions as highlighted below and continue to the Media pack search page:

Oracle Terms and Restrictions






















Media Pack Search & Download

Once you sign-in and accept the terms & restrictions, you need to select the “ATG Web Commerce” product pack from the dropdown and the OS platform on which you want to install the ATG Web Commerce software.

In this example we will select the ATG Web Commerce for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) as demonstrated in below screenshots and click the “GO” button to continue to the ATG Web Commerce module downloads:

Pick ATG Web Commerce Pick ATG Web Commerce OS