Social Media Feedback Cycle

By | July 19, 2011

Social media feedback cycle contains of below compartments:

A. Awareness
B. Consideration
C. Purchase
D. Use
E. Form opinion
F. Talk (word of mouth)

Awareness, consideration, and purchase phases are marketer-generated. Whereas, the use, form opinion, and talk/word of mouth are user-generated. The social feedback cycle is primarily driven by word-of-mouth, which itself is driven by the actual experience of the purchaser, especially the post-purchase experience.

It depends on post-purchase customer service, order status, flawless shipping, respect timely returns, refunds, cancellations, and all other activities that results into either an completely satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

You need to spend more time to ensure both operations and marketing are in sync, and their relationship understands and respects the mutual dependency and association.

Getting the Operations + Marketing link right is the 1st step in successfully implementing the social media.

Good luck.


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