Tablets will contribute to obesity over a period of time

By | May 8, 2013

Tablets are changing our habits and lifestyles like never before. TV have been the ultimate target when it comes to people who are stuck to their couch and result into being obese – but tablets may soon take over TV’s role in contributing to obesity.

After watching TV, people now carry their super smart devices including both big screen smartphones and especially tablets to their bedrooms. They spend significant amount of time reading books/online news content, streaming videos on Hulu/Youtube, and Netflix etc… This has direct impact on the quality and quantity of sleep that your body and mind receives, causing it to impact on your overall health including obesity.

Will tablets contribute towards higher health insurance?
Will tablets usage cause impact to brain from lack of necessary rest?
Will tablets make you pay more visits to your Dr.?
Are tablets stealing the family time?
What can be done to manage this addiction?
How different is this addiction to other types of addiction?

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