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Oracle Commerce – Needs DevOps Culture & Tools

BACKGROUND Most of us working on Oracle Commerce (ATG/Endeca) have done the installation & configuration of the platform dozens of times already on our local machines & on server environments. And, I’m sure we hardly would have any exceptions who didn’t experience the steep learning curve. Such is the process with learning enterprise grade products… Read More »


Oracle Commerce 11.1 – New Training Released

Oracle have recently released 50+ new online training titles. Also, they have released the new training package for Oracle Commerce 11.1. Currently, the training is designed to cater 3 key areas: Business Users Developers Administrators I believe there is a strong community sentiment and requirement for having one more area to be added here and… Read More »


ATG Commerce – Installation Steps [UPDATED]

Below is an outline of high-level steps involved in installing Oracle ATG Commerce platform STEP 0 Prepare for the ATG Commerce Installation & Configuration (Article Link) ATG/Endeca – Installation Sequence from Keyur Shah ATG – Web Commerce @ Your Figertips from Keyur Shah STEP 1 Install Oracle JDK (Article Link) ATG – Installing JDK 1.7… Read More »