The easiest way to reach your customers is by TEXT message

By | August 4, 2011

What is Textingly?


Textingly is web-based text message software. Textingly enables businesses to receive text messages from your customers, and send texts back in real-time. Amazing, isn’t it? See how the service works in a short video right here and you can decide about how this service can help grow your business (below).

If you own a mobile phone, chances are, you know what a text message – or SMS, is. It’s not uncommon for users to chalk up between a few hundred to over a thousand (or two) worth of text messages per month (I’m referring about rest of the world especially Asia). SMS/Text is being used for all sort of activities especially by small to large companies as listed below:

  1. As a Monitoring System
  2. In Enterprise Operations
  3. For Notification of Events
  4. As Security Tokens
  5. Sell / Buy Products
  6. Marketing Products
  7. Coupons/Deals
  8. SMS Banking
  9. Prepaid Credit Sharing
  10. Confirm Parcel/Package Deliveries
  11. Providing Fast Client Contact
  12. Interact with your customers
  13. Schedule meetings
  14. Quick communication with Co-workers

Textingly from Textingly on Vimeo.

Textingly helps you grow your business using mobile marketing. Easily manage text messages from your computer.


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