Tips for Successful Marketing & Campaigning through Autoresponders

By | August 22, 2011

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Absolutely, there are tons of software applications and technological solutions available with bundle of features & functionality packaged, but the technology itself is just one piece of the solution and doesn’t add much on its own.

The content the message sent out by the autoresponder is the key determining factor in conversions. Following tips will help you produce effective messages that focuses on conversions:

  1. Personalize your message addressing the recipient and make optimal use of the personal information available in your database based on new or repeat visitor, if you know their buying experience, past orders, and habits use those to offer specials/discounts for attracting and retaining the customers
  2. Selling is all about relationships (its not for sale). Build relationships with the visitor and grow the existing relationship with existing customers.
  3. Focus on the reader’s needs, and how your product and/or services provides the solutions the visitor/customer is seeking for. Focus on highlighting the benefits that your product has to offer
  4. Catchy subject line is another important aspect of your autoresponder message. Don’t use ad messages, since those are sure to go to trash even before the visitor would care to read the same.
  5. Call to action must be included in the email body
  6. Correct spelling, combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, grammar, and punctuation is very important (communications 101)
  7. Get straight to the point since readers have very little patience and time for your message
  8. Write for scanability – how many times have this point been highlighted in innumerable online marketing websites and articles. This is the most important aspect of online marketing.

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