User Experience – How Far Are You Ready To Go?

By | December 27, 2011

“User experiences that fail to deliver value to customers compromise business success”

It is said that, the successful user experiences deliver a firm’s value proposition (which is also the brand promise) to customers in the most effective and appropriate way. Usability is now linked to revenues—and profits—as never before: If a customer can’t engage in the full brand experience because of usability issues, the value proposition is diminished in the customer’s mind.

The term user experience is complex. It describes the electronically mediated customer relationship and its enabling mechanisms, which include:

  • the physical user interface
  • the engagement and interaction processes
  • the feedback system


The term user experience comprises of the behaviors and attitudes of end-users and their incentives to actually use the system—something measurable and actionable that can demand change management in B2B/B2C  environments. Satisfying

end users’ needs so that they change their behaviors and actually want to use the experience is critical to success. Just great user experience which doesn’t incorporate / account for these fundamentals won’t have wide adoption and wont last long.

To be successful

  • user experiences must deliver an equilibrium of value for both companies and users
  • working in the service of building trust
  • satisfying user goals
  • enabling the successful completion of tasks while driving profitability at the same time

KEY – Build the experience that the customers wants, the First Time around. Keep it simple, usable, goal targeted. Provide only useful, meaningful content. Expose the customer to the functionality that they really need and be able to use during their limited visit.

ASK YOURSELF: Do you know if they are logging into their account during their bill cycle and hence show billing related functionality, FAQs, etc…? How do you make the experience more relevant instead of letting the customer figuring it out from the vast collection of links for numerous activities.



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