User Experience (UX) – Do You Feel The Pain?

By | December 21, 2011

Consider these scenarios and ask yourself have you experienced these pain points or do you feel the pain?

The accident: Lot of accidents on the road can be attributed to “when the driver took his/her eyes off the road for a moment to turn the radio down”. He/she had to look down because it was impossible to identify which was the volume control by touch alone. How many of us have experienced and felt this pain? Can there be a better design for experience to solve the real world issue. Believe it or not, even with all the technology enhancements and new gadgets/features in the cars, most of the cars still have these user experience issues & accidents happen because of these.

The register: Another one, the line at the register in the gas station moved so slowly because the cash register was complex and confusing, and unless the clerk paid extra-close attention while ringing something up, he would make a mistake and have to start all over again. If the register had been simpler and the layout and colors of the buttons different, that line never would have formed. Time for change for a better customer experience – change the register’s user experience.

The pump: You wouldn’t have had to stand in that line at all if the pump had accepted your card. It would have done so if you had turned the card around the other way to swipe it, but nothing on the pump indicated which way the card should be turned, and you were in such a hurry that you didn’t think to try every orientation.

Television – TV/Video Button: I’m sure all of us are familiar with this and use it on daily basis to switch between different devices hooked to TV. Today, TV’s have about 8-9 TV Line-in connections.. Think about this, I have connected DVD to Line-2, TV to Line-6, & my APPLE TV to Line-9.. How many times do you have to press TV/VIDEO button on REMOTE or TV to switch from Line-2 to Line-9… Can the TV software be designed to auto-hide the other unused/not-connected lines from the user.. Can the TV not detect if the connection LOOP is Open or closed?

Gut Check – Think about different scenarios on the WEB, on MOBILE, with the Devices you use @ home and so on… Even with so many research $$$$ spent on studying the impact of product design on its ultimate experience, why do these products get shipped to us with the so called “User Experience” issues… Are the designers thinking that the % of customers impacted is  negligible to care about…

How does this work?

Innovators innovate. Marketers market. Designers design. IT keeps your systems running. Salespeople sell. That’s the organization given. The challenge is to align those arrays of skill, talent, and competence in formats that make sense to the organization and actually make (if I may say “reasonable”)  profits from the customer.

That’s a hard problem. It’s particularly hard to create alignment not because people don’t care about customers and clients, but because nearly everyone has his or her own (legitimate) point of view about what should work and how.

So ask yourself – What is User Experience?

User experience is not about the inner workings of a product or service. User experience is about how it works on the outside, where a person comes into contact with it. When someone asks you what it’s like to use a product or service, they’re asking about the user experience. Is it hard to do simple things? Is it easy to figure out? How does it feel to interact with the product?


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