What is a Landing Page?

By | August 6, 2011

Landing page is a Web page that is created specially to respond to a marketing campaign you are running. The Ad presented to the customer cannot contain all the specifics about the product/services/promotions/specials, except come catchy content that will hint the customer to click on the Ad (Text/banner/video) which in result will launch a specific deep link URL of the company advertising about the product. So, basically you design a landing page to follow through your Ad that the customer clicks on.

Landing page can be “Make or Break” not only for the specific marketing campaign, but could substantially impact your website objectives if the landing page is the most visited one.

There are number of points that you should consider while designing your landing pages:

  1. Your landing page should be a continuation of your ad presented to the customer. For e.g. if your ad is offering the product or service @ $29.99 but if your landing page is offering the same for $32.99, assume due to technical glitch you are not applying the $3 discount towards the final price. That is not a good news for your marketing campaign and so would reflect in the metrics.
  2. Again, to stress the importance of the accuracy of information – your landing page must justify the marketing campaign
  3. You landing page should address to your target audience & market
  4. Landing page must attract the audience’s attention and encourage them to react positively
  5. As you already know, there is so much information packed on any web page, that the visitors doesn’t really read through everything. They just scan through the headlines or follow a definite pattern of scanning the page for the information they are seeking for. You need to test the landing page for scan-ability.
  6. If there are any additional offers that you alternatively want to promote, in case the visitor is not reacting to the offer  on the landing page, you need to consider that as well
  7. Scare tactic is another gimmick that is being used on landing page. Basically, the landing page need to create a sense of urgency – if you want to do that, do it RIGHT NOW
  8. Tons of other mechanisms can be applied such as Money back guarantee, emphasize the offer in different folds, highlight your credibility, recent awards, should build trust
  9. Landing pages should be optimized for search engines (SEO), after all you want to take advantage of the free search traffic by getting on the 1st page in search engines
  10. Testing is THE MOST critical part of entire process

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