Why Do You Have To Care – For Online Customers & What They Experience?

By | January 10, 2012

One fact that all online retailers must be aware of, Online customer experiences must be more carefully developed than brick-and-mortar ones, because customers who go online can more easily escape to competitors. Yet, often online customer experiences are not well designed and are not centered around the customers goals. This results into bad customer experience, and hence leads directly to attrition.

Good online customer experience, aren’t just good enough anymore… Organizations must build what we call it as an “Aha Experience” to establish long-term partnership and relationship with their customers. There is a stronger need to build right framework for building and maintaining long-term relationship with customers by developing scalable user experience.

One the key metrics for online stores must be to identify how happy and satisfying was the customer experience, end-2-end. The entire experience must be seamless from learn, shop, and post-shopping experience. Constant, timely, and meaningful communications is another key aspect of establishing great customer relationship.

In the scenarios where online channel is unable to assist the visitors/customers they must have alternative channels open email, chat, call, mobile, social networks etc… to assist these customers in timely fashion.

Today, the users are becoming more and more tech savvy and mobile. Organizations must understand the current industry trend/revolutions and ensure their presence is built/felt around these technological and customer sentiments and goals to cater their needs better.


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